Boss Jewels Location

Below are displayed all players who have Boss Jewels.
This ranking was updated in 09/05/2021 at 01:01.

Item Name Player Name Clan
Earring of Antharas (2) LinlinCharlotte -
Earring of Zaken (1) Cachy YaGanamos
Earring of Orfen (1) Colpotropink Oxivitue
Earring of Zaken (1) Colpotropink Oxivitue
Necklace of Frintezza (1) Colpotropink Oxivitue
Necklace of Frintezza (1) Danae Oxivitue
Ring of Queen Ant (1) DianaBol LEGENDS
Ring of Queen Ant (1) HellCry LEGENDS
Ring of Queen Ant (1) Hrafnafloki YaGanamos
Ring of Baium (1) KHRIS YaGanamos
Ring of Queen Ant (1) KHRIS YaGanamos
Necklace of Frintezza (1) Kirito Oxivitue
Earring of Orfen (1) LinlinCharlotte -
(1) LinlinCharlotte -
Necklace of Frintezza (1) LinlinCharlotte -
Ring of Queen Ant (1) LinlinCharlotte -
Core Refined (1) LinlinCharlotte -
Necklace of Frintezza (1) LordByron YaGanamos
Ring of Baium (1) Luiggi -
Earring of Zaken (1) Luiggi -
Earring of Orfen (1) MoNoTrosko LEGENDS
Ring of Queen Ant (1) MvlditocOns LEGENDS
(1) Oph YaGanamos
Necklace of Frintezza (1) OsamaBinLaden LEGENDS
Queen ant Refined (1) OsamaBinLaden LEGENDS
Core Refined (1) OsamaBinLaden LEGENDS
Ring of Baium (1) siche YaGanamos
Necklace of Frintezza (1) TheHcny YaGanamos
Earring of Zaken (1) Tierra LEGENDS
Earring of Orfen (1) TuRca LEGENDS